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We are all aware that as we age, certain changes occur due to biological and genetic factors that cannot be denied. Our skin starts to droop and sag and gravity takes its toll on our once youthful face, lips and neck. Quite simply, we no longer look the way we did in our 20’s and 30’s. However do not despair, there’s hope and The Natural Lift is the answer!

If you feel you need or want a face lift, seek an experienced face lift surgeon. Some key factors to keep in mind as you research facial plastic surgeons: First, be sure that the surgeon is board certified, experienced, and specializes in facial plastic surgery. Also, it’s important that you are comfortable with the surgeon, and that he or she will address all of your concerns and care about your health. Is the surgeon only about the money?

Some plastic surgeons will recommend procedures that you don’t need or even want. Lastly, if you can find someone who has had a face lift with the surgeon you are going to use, get referrals. If you do not know of someone, ask the surgeon’s staff to provide you with a previous patient that you can speak with. Call them and ask questions. You want to understand what’s involved with the surgery. Feel free to ask what their over-all experience was with the procedure, the surgeon and his staff. It’s important that you feel good about who is going to do your cosmetic surgery; after all, it’s your face, and you want to have the best possible results.

Before and After PicturesDr. Kevin Sadati, a top, board certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, has the expertise and experience needed to satisfy any concerns a patient may have. Most surgeons do not take the time to get to know their patients. He takes time with each person and goes through an extensive consultation because he cares and wants the very best for his patients. Be assured that he will discuss your procedure in detail with you.

Dr. Sadati developed a breakthrough facial muscle tightening technique called the “Double C” Plication. This face lift technique had such a profound impact on the medical community, and brought so much attention to it, that the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery published his research paper in March of 2011. This proprietary face lift technique was surveyed in 1,535 cases over a three year period. What he found was that the revision rate (the need for a second, corrective procedure) on average was less than 1 percent. This technique provides a durable, natural-looking lift with a relatively easy and quick recovery. Most importantly, this procedure is done under local anesthesia and oral sedation.

Dr. Sadati has been invited to many prestigious plastic surgery conventions to present his revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique to other facial plastic surgeons. He performs well over 1,000 facial procedures a year making him one of the foremost sought after specialists in California. The Double-C Plication technique applies a uniform tension on the facial muscle to create a smooth and natural look. Most often with a traditional face lift, a patient will not look like themselves, and people notice. The Natural lift will not give you a pulled look on the mouth, nor will there be any tissue bunching at the hairline. This procedure will provide an excellent lift for the jowl and neck area. This lower lift will improve any kind of neck issues: from a neck with minimal laxity, to the heaviest and most difficult neck. Patients of Dr. Sadati describe the positive responses they get from family, friends and co-workers, who tell them constantly that they “look so amazing!" They cannot figure out if they have lost weight, gotten a new haircut or taken a relaxing vacation; all they know is that they see a refreshed and naturally looking younger you! While this technique can help counteract most of your facial sagging, and give you a more rested and youthful appearance, it will not change you. This lift will melt years off your face - making you look the way you did 10 to 15 years ago. The great news is that you will feel and look on the outside just like you have always felt on the inside – younger and more alive!

General Recovery Information after Your Face lift: Post-operative recovery is quick, and any first day discomfort is controlled with oral medication. Any swelling and/or tenderness around the incision areas usually subside during the first week after the procedure. Swelling can be minimized by icing and keeping the head in a slightly elevated position when sleeping. Patients are advised to avoid the sun as much as possible and to wear sunscreen when going out of doors. Results can be seen immediately following surgery; however, most patients feel they are ready to face the world within 4-7 days. The amount of recovery time varies depending on the person, but most patients report they are back to work within one week's time and are ready to resume their normal activities.

icon-9 The Double C Plication Technique - View pdf

The Natural Facelift – FAQ’S

Does a facelift require general anesthesia?

Not anymore! In fact, one of the specialized areas of my practice has involved many successful facelifts, also known as the ‘Natural Lift’ using only local anesthesia with oral sedation which patients love. Traditionally, facelifts were performed under general anesthesia or under intravenous (IV) sedation. As skill and knowledge of facial plastic surgery advanced, the usage of local anesthesia for facelifts has increased. I perform most of my lower face lift surgeries under local, oral sedation. The transfer of using general anesthesia to using local anesthesia was brought about by several factors:

  1. Patients had an increased desire to avoid the risks inherent to being put under general anesthesia.

  2. Patients preferred having this procedure done because it is minimally invasive and provides them a quicker recovery time.

  3. Advancements in local anesthetic technique presented safer alternatives for our patients.

  4. Reduced procedure cost.

In the thousands of facial cosmetic surgery procedures I have performed, the local option is an extremely safe, effective and comfortable way of serving the needs of my patients.

While local anesthesia is a popular choice, it is not for everyone. Some patients require extensive cosmetic surgery that is best performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The most appropriate course of treatment for each patient is best discovered during a personal one-on-one consultation with careful review of their medical history.

 What can I expect from a facelift with local anesthesia?

Most patients are quite happy with the ease of this procedure. A common fear among patients is that they know needles will be used to numb the skin, and they want to know if it will it hurt, or they may be nervous about the amount of injections used. Will it hurt? To their pleasant surprise, the injection process is very tolerable. Dr. Sadati goes to great lengths to create a calm and comforting atmosphere, which alleviates much of the patient’s stress. He will not start the numbing process until his patient is completely relaxed by the use of a few Valium and Benadryl. Dr. Sadati makes it a point to have a good surgical team in place. He will not work with anyone but employees that are mild mannered and sympathetic to his patients' needs. His injection technique is a key component of patient comfort, and he only uses a very small needle and a gentle touch in addition to a mild mixture of anesthetic to minimize any burning sensation. Patients are encouraged to relax; sometimes by having a surgical nurse hold their hand during the procedure, or to speak softly to them in a soothing voice giving the patient confidence during their procedure which contributes to a relaxing, and reassuring experience for them.

To guarantee patient comfort, cotton earplugs, requested music, or soothing nature sounds (such as ocean waves or tropical rain forest) may be played on our state-of-the-art sound system. Many patients bring their own selection or choose to talk to me or my assistants during their procedure. Some even close their eyes and drift off to sleep—even if they did not plan to! While some patients do experience pre-surgical anxiety, most reach a state of relaxation and rest. For those who need a little something extra, we offer oral Valium to help take the edge off their nerves.

While the local anesthesia will not produce any painful sensations, one may experience feelings of pulling and tightness. These are indications of a successful procedure and signal the path to recovery.

A facelift can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the patient’s needs. Time estimates are reviewed during the consultation as well as during the procedure so the patient knows what to expect.

Following the procedure, our patients are encouraged to sit up and walk around. We offer refreshments including filtered water or a nutritious anti-oxidant drink with key vitamins to replace electrolytes. With a local, there are no ugly after-effects such as nausea or grogginess. As a precaution, the patient's vital signs are closely monitored and discharged only after a thorough post-op review. Upon an informal exit interview, those who have had a facelift in the past under general anesthesia usually comment that they prefer the local anesthesia option.

Customer service is a key component of our practice, and I personally call each patient to follow up after their surgery. It has been my experience that most patients are delighted with the ease and comfort of the procedure. In fact, patients are provided with my 24 hour contact number should they need me at any time.

What is a Natural Mini facelift?

The Natural Mini Lift is a safe, revolutionary approach to a facelift that provides superior, long lasting results. This procedure was pioneered by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati to improve the look of jowls, cheeks, and loose neck (turkey neck).

The cheeks, jowls and neck are lifted by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscle, and re-draping the skin resulting in a younger, natural look. The procedure takes about 90 minutes using a local anesthetic and normal social activities can be resumed in about a week. There may be minimal scarring that ultimately fades and will never “give you away.”

What are the benefits of a Natural Lift procedure?

Natural Lift patients enjoy a faster, more comfortable recovery than patients that have a traditional facelift. What’s more, the Natural Lift methodology is less apparent than a traditional facelift, giving your skin a smoother, radiant look. The Natural Lift does away with the look of the “tight-face” or the “pulled look” from most traditional facelifts.

Are there significant risks associated with surgery?

There is uncertainty and risk involved with any surgery. While complications associated with facelifts are extremely rare, risks may include: infection, bleeding, and adverse reaction to the medications, delayed healing, numbness in certain part of ears. Smokers have an increased risk for slow or incomplete healing. However, Dr. Sadati’s Natural Lift method avoids facial nerve injury because it is minimally invasive and provides a local anesthesia option. I will not cut the facial muscle and tendon known as SMAS; this may increase the risk of facial nerve damage. I simply fold the muscle and tendon (aka Plication) to prevent prolonged recovery and facial nerve damage.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

If your jowls and neck have started to sag, then you are a good candidate for a facelift. Good candidates also possess a strong, well-defined bone structure. Patients should have a realistic expectation of their surgery and understand that the procedure does not change who you are as a person—it simply rejuvenates your look.

Can I expect permanent results from a facelift?

The results will vary from person-to-person, but that doesn’t mean the clock has stopped; we will continue to age. The good news is that we can turn the clock back a bit making us look and feel 10 years younger! I tell my patients that in ten years, no matter what, you will look better from having the natural mini lift than if you had not had it done at all.

What is the recovery like?

After the procedure is completed, a gauze bandage dressing is applied and patients usually experience some slight tightness around the ears and jaw line on their first night after surgery. Any discomfort can be effectively managed with Tylenol; however, prescription pain medication will be made available. The following day, your dressing is removed and you’re instructed to wear a light elastic wrap for seven nights (this will be provided to you). Any discoloration or swelling around the face and neck commonly subside after a week. Doctors advise against exposure to the sun and any strenuous activity for a minimum of two weeks.

How do I find a qualified plastic surgeon in my area?

A new, youthful face requires a skilled specialist with experience and board certification credentials. My credentials are available upon request. Be sure to check before and after pictures to get a feel for your prospective doctor’s results.

Can men have a mini facelift?

Absolutely! This is the 21st century after all and cosmetic surgery is no longer exclusively for women. Many men are considering procedures to gain a more youthful, refreshed look for themselves too. The concept is tailored for men to highlight and sharpen the angular structures of the jaw, neck, and chin. The incision lines are slightly different for men; therefore, skin sutures are placed under the skin (subcuticular sutures) no sutures outside or any tracks.

What is the Lunch Time facelift?

The “Lunch Time” lift is a bit of a misnomer and is also known as a “thread lift.” It’s a procedure that uses thread to pull up the loose tissue without removing any excess skin, sometimes leading to tissue bunching and irregularity at the hairline. It is quickly losing favor in the medical community and Dr Sadati does not believe its results are satisfactory in the long run.

What is a Weekend facelift?

The Weekend Lift is just another name for a Mini Lift. The benefits to the patient are that it’s a short downtime with maximum results. A weekend facelift gives patients a more refreshed look without the signs or cost of a major surgery.

What is the best age to have a facelift?

Perhaps the most common question concerns timing. Some of my patients worry that if they proceed too soon they may need multiple procedures later in life. Others worry that if they wait too long, it may be too late to have one. Many people start on face and neck lift procedures in their late 40s to late 70s. Typically, face and neck lift procedures can set back the clock nearly a decade. Although aging will continue, you will look younger than if you had not had the surgery. Face and neck lift procedures can be safely repeated in 8-10 year intervals.

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